Wood Plastic Composite Pergola/Outdoor Garden Pergola/WPC Pergolas/Gazebo

Wood Plastic Composite Pergola/Outdoor Garden Pergola/WPC Pergolas/Gazebo

▲ High-quality aluminum frame.
▲ Solid structure design.
▲ Fashionable Outlook.
▲ Adapt to multiple outdoor space.
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Product Introduction

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"I must have my own villa in the future, and then there will be a large south-facing yard with starry sky awnings on the terrace." I believe it is the idea of many people. In most people's minds, after having a house, it must be done. shade pergola for deck. The shade pergola for deck brings new experience and enjoyment to people's lives. Through the free opening and closing space, you can appreciate the natural scenery of the outside world, which can not only relax the body and mind, but also improve the quality of life.


The aluminum alloy used in the shade pergola for deck is the third most abundant element in the shell. This material has very rich reserve, second only to steel, and the processing technology is also very mature. It can be welded, bendable and press processed, making the aluminum alloy meet the requirements of outdoor furniture. To meet the requirements of different shapes, we can make more fashionable and beautiful furniture to meet the diverse needs of outdoor space for furniture. The furniture is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light and strong, durable, waterproof and moisture-resistant, and is very suitable for outdoor use conditions.


In the context of today's increasingly important environment, the use of environmentally friendly and healthy furniture as raw materials meets contemporary environmental requirements. The shade pergola for deck is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which are environmentally friendly materials. Aluminum alloy is derived from metal mineral resources through processing, will not damage the ecological environment, and can be repeatedly processed and utilized, and there will be no problems such as excessive formaldehyde. It should not be used at home. It will cause safety hazards to physical health, so that people can use it at ease.


The shade pergola for deck uses new advanced powder coatings, which greatly reduces the complexity of the process and can also get a better color effect. When spraying, the electrostatic coating machine has a large discharge volume and a thick film can be obtained in one spray. There is no need to repeat spraying or primer. In the case of the same film thickness, the coating operation using powder coatings is faster and can be saved Time costs.


The shutters on the roof of the shade pergola for deck can be opened and closed freely, and the blades can be adjusted freely at 0-90 degrees to achieve the ideal light intake, good ventilation, sun protection, and rain protection. When the roof is opened, it is a pavilion, and when the roof is opened, it is more like a flower stand, stylish and beautiful. Compared with the seasonal use restrictions of the sun room, the shade pergola for deck can be used around the clock all year round.


On the terrace, pave the outdoor wooden floor, put up the shade pergola for deck, step on the soft ground, breathe the fresh air. The terrace can be such an unfettered space, put a sofa, lie quietly, watching the sun rise and sunset. Tables, chairs and parasols can be placed on the terrace sea, and you can spend the most leisure time of the day while drinking fragrant tea. The large panoramic terrace, the shade pergola for deck accommodates the atmosphere of fashionable life and the distant mountain view. Watching the beautiful scenery quietly, enjoying the occasional refreshing breeze, full of fresh air and strange clouds, everything is like a natural landscape painting.

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